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Benefits of high dose Vitamin C — We’ve probably all heard at one time or another, a doctor or even our moms say take your Vitamin C when you get a cold.

High doses of Vitamin C may not only curb the sniffles, but some hospitals are now giving it to their patients with Covid-19, and today we’re going to meet one woman who’s using it in her fight against cancer.

Patients head to the Infusion Center of NJ for everything from weight loss, to anti-aging treatments and immunity boosting infusions, but some, like Tanya Trowell are now here to supplement their cancer treatment. “I decided to come here because chemo was out of the question for me.”

For the past five months, Dr. Weiss has been treating Tanya, in conjunction with her radiation treatment for breast cancer. “Cancer patients come to me for high dose Vitamin C which has been shown to decrease side effects and increase the quality of life for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.”

Dr. Weiss says Vitamin C has been shown to kill foreign cells and also recruit your own immune system.

And that’s why hospitals are now turning to this treatment to also treat Covid-19 patients.

Tanya says she wanted to accelerate her health with something beyond chemotherapy for her breast cancer and had seen studies on high dose Vitamin C. “I did research other centers, but other centers didn’t have a doctor running the center which I thought was key to my treatment.”

Dr. Weiss does a circulating tumor test on those who have cancer to see how many tumor cells are in the blood stream before starting treatment.

Besides seeing the reduction in tumor cells after treatment with Vitamin C, Dr. Weiss sees an immediate improvement in the quality of life of his patients.

Tanya who has been taking high dose Vitamin C for 5 weeks says she not only has more energy, the treatment has given her hope.

While Dr. Weiss has dozens of immunity boosting treatments, he also is the only doctor in the region to have the Emerald Laser which melts fat away.

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