(Broadry) — Eco-friendly back-to-school supplies are here! Lifestyle Journalist Julie Loffredi partners with BIC to tell us more about the BIC Revolution Line.

The brand’s first full range of eco-friendly products includes pens, pencils, and more. 

Loffredi’s top picks include the BIC ReVolution Ocean Retractable Ball Pens. The pens are made of 73 percent recycled, ocean-bound plastic material, collected within 50 km of a shore or a waterway that leads to the ocean, preventing it from entering the ocean. 

She also loves the BIC ReVolution Mechanical Pencils. Equipped with three 90mm break-resistant leads, and made of 65 percent recycled plastic, they’re the perfect pencil for students to express creativity or complete homework, without having to run to the pencil sharpener.

“When it comes to supplies, BIC helps parents and teachers get ready for back to school while giving consumers the opportunity to make a difference year-round,” says Loffredi.

You can find the BIC ReVolution products online and at many popular retailers.