The clock is ticking to get everything you need before that first class bell rings.  

Lifestyle expert Josh McBride dropped by the show to help simplify our ‘back to school’ shopping. 

For deals on nearly everything, Josh suggests the site To raise your fashion game without breaking the bank, check out JCPenny Fashion. Protect your tech with Otterbox. Bed, Bath & Beyond and BuyBuyBaby can help parents and kids who want to level-up their lunch box and dorm game. Fill those lunch boxes and dorm kitchens with snacks and food from noosa Yoghurt, Pirate” Booty Aged White Cheddar, Dr. Praegers Littles, GOODLES and meals from EveryPlate.  

You can find more on Josh’s back to school ideas in Instagram @joshymcb 

That’s also where you can find out more about Josh’s ‘10 Days of Birthday Giveaways.