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(NEW YORK CITY) –  Unemployment in the Bronx stands at 11.9% according to the recent report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Upon further examination, this stat it would make the Bronx #1 in the nation for unemployment when factoring in its population size.  Yet Mayor Bloomberg hasn’t mentioned this of late.  On Tuesday, he wasn’t out addressing this as well let alone providing solutions.

Instead Mayor Bloomberg was back on the soda stump.

It all took place just few feet from the towering lemon merengue pie inside of the desert cooler and steps away from the fryer that serves up the cheese and gravy fries at Lucky’s Diner on 34th and 1st.  It is there where Mayor Michael Bloomberg stood before a super-size presence of cameras. The mayor clearly still sour from Monday’s ruling against his initiative regarding beverage portions sizes, “We will appeal the judge’s decision on the ruling yesterday. We are confident that we will win that.”

Mayor Bloomberg came out with surrogates in force.  All still jawing at the judge and proclaiming that the fight will live on even when he’s no longer Mayor, “You can take it to the bank.”

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer didn’t hold back, labeling the soft-drink industry with the same surname as Medellin drug dealers, saying that manufacturers are a, “soda cartel.”

Yet Mayor Bloomberg who did proclaim that when in moderation, “I like McDonald’s as much as anybody else,” and joked with David Letterman Monday night that his beloved unhealthy snack of “Cheeze-It” never gets targeted, did have support from the private sector.  Lucky’s Diner was still serving smaller portions soda.  Although they made no mention of their Oreo Cake.

Ppizza 33 on 33rd and 3rd showed PIX 11 News the 9 oz. cups they were going to implement. They were still using 20 oz cups. The owner Rino Lacerra adding that Mayor Bloomberg’s obesity campaign is the right thing, “I’m also happy that he made an effort and that people realize how much sugar is in their soda.
Keri Gans is a registered dietician and author of the The Small Change Diet. She does not see eye to eye with Bloomberg on elimination of choice but admits that even in defeat, he emerges semi-victorious, “I would definitely think that there is a victory in the awareness.  People are thinking more about what they drink. So in that regard its a positive movement in the right direction.”