‘You can paralyze yourself’: Warnings issued about viral ‘milk crate challenge’ trend


Who would’ve ever believed that milk crates would be a big trend in the summer 2021?

Apparently it is, and it’s sending a lot of people to the hospital. The milk crate challenge, with outcomes that range from victorious to utterly disastrous, appears to be social media’s flavor of the month.

Videos of brave participants making their way up a pyramid of milk crates, which usually ends in a cringeworthy wipe out, have clocked in millions of views on TikTok where it originated. The trend is now making its way to Instagram and Facebook.

Even members of the NYPD have been seen getting in on it.

“That’s what social media is all about,” influencer and pod cast host Mike Ruga explained. “When something is that extreme it’s going to go viral – the more extreme the better.”

Karena Wu, owner and director of ActiveCare Physical Therapy NYC, joined many other medical professionals in issuing warnings about the disturbing trend, which has resulted in numerous hospitalizations across the country.

“If you land in certain positions, you can paralyze yourself,” she said. “You can have nerve damage forever, there’s a lot of things that can happen that are very serious life-threatening injuries.”

Recognizing the danger, TikTok is now actively removing many of the videos bearing the viral hashtag.

TikTok issued a statement this week saying that it “prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts, and we remove videos and redirect searches to our community guidelines to discourage such content.”

But according to New Jersey based influencer Ruga, savvy users will find their way around that. The trend, which is said to have started in Chicago, may already be on its way out, he said.

“I will give it about another week,” he said. “That’s how fast social media is – it’s hot this week and not next week.”

It couldn’t happen soon enough.

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