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YONKERS, N.Y. — New Yorkers sure love their pizza, so much that one pizzeria has created the “super slice.”

Pizza Barn on McClean Avenue in Yonkers created a two-foot-long slice of pizza for its customers. The pizzeria announced the created on its Facebook page on June 2, calling it “the BIGGEST slice in YONKERS.”

Owner Angelo DeLuca told PIX11 News he was looking for a new way to present one of New York’s favorite food.

“I was thinking I wanted to do something different. Something bigger,” DeLuca said.

“I researched a little bit. They got big pies, everyone has big pies.”

But when DeLuca searched for big slices, he found decent sized ones, but nothing spectacular.

“I wanted to create something bigger, tastes better,” DeLuca said.

Thus, the super slice was born.

The super slice has become a trending food, with pizza lovers lining up for more than an hour just to get a bite. Each one costs $10.

“Don’t you see the size of that big monster? Who wouldn’t come for that?” a customer said.

Seems like the ideal way to eat the pizza is by picking up the whole plate or using a knife and fork. Folding the slice is not advised.

The Facebook post alone has received more than 3,800 reactions and 12,800 shares.

But the super slice has some competition. Earlier this year Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg created the “pizza box pizza” — a traditional New York-style pepperoni pie surrounded by a square pizza that serves as the “pizza box.” A few weeks later the owner created the pizza on top of the pizza, in a pizza box pizza.