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YONKERS (PIX11) – Yonkers Middle School administrators evacuated the school after noxious fumes left a number of students and teachers coughing.

Officials said 149 students and three teachers were hospitalized as a precaution.  Students began to feel ill while eating in the cafeteria and notified school staff, who called 911. The hospitalized students are approximately 11 to 14 years old.

Five firefighters who responded to the school on the initial alarm are also being treated after experiencing symptoms similar to those of the students.

Patients were sent to five local hospitals in the area including Lawrence, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, Dobbs Ferry and White Plains. They experienced respiratory problems, irritated eyes and nausea.

The rest of the students in the school were allowed into an adjacent building housing the gym where they were supervised until dismissal.

It’s still unclear what caused the fumes, but officials are interviewing individuals, reviewing video footage and working on air samples in the school.

Officials are not discounting any possibilities into the cause of the fumes. If it is determined as a prank, somebody will be held accountable.

Firefighters did a primary check on the building and plan on doing a secondary check with air monitoring tools Wednesday afternoon.

The cafeteria and kitchen will be cleaned before the school opens back up tomorrow.