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NEW YORK (PIX11) — From a singing janitor in Harlem to a straphanger searching for love in the New York City subway, they were the names and faces PIX11 introduced you to in 2014. It goes without saying – their stories made the year all the more interesting.

Early in the year we met Maria Villa, a woman in search of a so called “missing love” in the New York City subway. She plastered posters of the mystery man everywhere underground. Suffice it to say, she never found him.

All eyes were on Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford this year as the Super Bowl hit our area for the first time and on Media Day it was all about one man: Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

One story that pulled at the heart strings was that of Star the pitbull who was shot in the face by a startled NYPD officer. After surviving the 2012 shooting, details on her whereabouts were scarce.

In August 2014, PIX11 tracked Star down in Nebraska where she was doing great, having been adopted by native New Yorker Charlie Ciferelli. There are talks now to produce a documentary on Star and her courageous story.

Who could forget about John Maldonado, the singing janitor who filled the stairwells of a Harlem building where he worked with magic.
It was PIX11 that found him on YouTube and soon after everyone else took note, prompting appearances on ABC’s “The View” and countless publications. 2015 is looking pretty bright for Maldonado.

At 100-years-old, Madeline Scotto shows no signs of slowing down. The Brooklyn math teacher celebrated a milestone this year and PIX11 was there.
Her story of refusing to retire despite her age, inspired many.

Filmmaker Jon Novick opened our eyes in 2014, exposing truths and enlightening viewers on his daily harassment in New York City as a little person.