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SAMTA ANA, Calif. – A pregnant California woman is suing Applebee’s after she allegedly found a severed fingertip in her meal.

Cathleen Martin says she found this fingertip in her Chinese chicken salad. (Attorney Eric Traut)

“It was so gross,” says Cathleen Martin of Atascadero. “I’m on pins and needles worrying about what my family might have been exposed to,” saying in a press release from her attorney that she is concerned her unborn child might have been affected.

Martin ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad from an Applebee’s along the 2300 block of Theatre Drive in Paso Robles Dec. 20, and both her husband and their young daughter ate from it before they say the saw bloody chunk of finger.

The fingertip was found in this Applebee’s along the 2300 block of Theatre Drive, according to the woman. (Google)

The family told a manager at the restaurant, and Applebee’s identified the worker who lost the fingertip, according to Martin’s Attorney, Eric Traut.  He also confirmed that the family has undergone medical testing since the incident, and that Applebee’s says it cannot legally test the employee for any diseases.

Martin is suing for unspecified damages, citing emotional distress, medical costs for testing and lost income.

Applebee’s spokesman Tom Linafelt has not responded to requests for comment.