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Miranda Johns, 21, was arrested for allegedly engaging in a sexual act with an animal. (Collier County Jail)

NAPLES, Fla. – A woman is in handcuffs after her boyfriend submitted cellphone video of her allegedly having sex with dogs multiple times.

Miranda Johns, 21, of Naples, was arrested on Monday for engaging in sexual conduct with an animal, according to a sheriff’s report obtained by Daily News.

The video came to light after Kurtz Villavicencio, 30, was accused of sexually assaulting Johns, authorities said.

During the investigation, Villavicencio reportedly offered his phone to authorities as proof that he did not attack Johns and told them about videos on his phone of her having sex with her pets.

Police said in one of the clips, Johns was seen receiving oral sex from the dogs as she masturbated.

Villavicencio allegedly encouraged Johns to send him images of her sex acts with the dogs,  CBS affiliate WINK News reports. They also plotted the possibility of her having sex with a bigger dog.

Johns was released on bond. She will appear in court next month.