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MANHATTAN (PIX11) – Now that they are dispersed around the city, they’re tough to miss. The large, blue, heavy bikes were officially set free today with the launch of the Citi Bike share program.

“After three years of planning we are here,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

9 thousand people have signed up for the annual $95 dollar membership. There are 6 thousand bikes around the city.

Although there is plenty of excitement surrounding the program launching, there are others who complain it has been plagued with problems. Some of which, we have reported on many times, and today, protestors reminded us of the frustration over how the massive bike racks invade people’s space.

“The way they are situated right now we don’t even have passage for pedestrians,” one protestor said.

Also last night, reports of a stolen Citi Bike. Not a good start for the system.

Now we just have to wait and see how many complaints come in for the 30 minute limit when riding each bike. After 30 minutes there will be an additional $10 fine for every extra half hour.