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What does your social media say about you?   Well, if your image is trending or bending, it could determine whether you get hired or fired!

According to a recent study, employers said they hired or rejected applicants based on their social media images, said Managing Editor of, Kara Apel.

That’s why she suggests most people who are about enter the working world should give themselves an Extreme Social Media Makeover.

Here’s how:

“The first thing that you want to do is take down all of those drunken photos that you have,” said Apel, adding, “Your future employers do not want to see those red solo cups in your hand and you don’t want to give them that impression.”

Keep in mind, employers could check all social media platforms, so Instagram, PinTerest, Vine and YouTube are all under scrutiny.

While everyone should be updating all of their profiles, from LinkedIn to Facebook, your profile picture could be the most important.

“Get rid of the party picture and have a professional photo taken, either by a friend, or pay to get it done, either way, it has to look good.  Do your makeup, hair, nice background and make sure it looks clean and professional.”

We all love Twitter but Apel says to start looking at Twitter in a different way.  “You can use Twitter as a resource to interact with people in your potential job field that you wouldn’t have access to.  So tweet at those leaders in the field or some people you look up to and you may be seen. Also, so interest It makes you look more knowledgable and more interested in what you’re trying to get into as a career.

When it comes to Twitter too, you have to be careful about retweeting, says Apel, adding, “Just because you didn’t say it personally, when you retweeting, you are owning those words.  You don’t want someone else’s really inflammatory words taken as your own.”

“You’re probably not going to want to hear this, but you best thing you can do to filter yourself is to friend your mom on Facebook!  It will definitely keep you in line from posting things you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see,” said Apel.