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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) – If Governor Chris Christie runs for the presidency in 2016 and if the governor were to win, he’d be far from the first president from the tri-state area who had to deal with some weighty issues.

All of this of course comes on the heels of what appears to be a political attempt by Time magazine to pay tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. A shaded profile of Governor Chris Christie with the words, “The Elephant in the Room.”

This week’s cover and headline has sparked a firestorm of criticism on social media, “I don’t think it’s very flattering in some ways,” said Paula Tomsche.

In fact, Tomsche thinks the profile looks a bit like another famous New Jersey born politician, “It really looks a little like Grover.”

That would be President Grover Cleveland.


The 22nd and 24th president stood 5’11, weighed in excess of 300 pounds and according to Tomsche, “He drank a lot of beer.  He also smoked quite a bit and some hard liquor, but he was known for his love of beer.”

He also did not miss a meal.

Tomsche, who is a volunteer at President Cleveland’s birth home in Caldwell, says that unlike Governor Christie the corpulent President never was scrutinized over his weight because, “Images were not as in people’s faces as they are now.”

Now, more than 150 years later,  there is some irony directly across the street of where one of the largest U.S. Presidents was born, a Dunkin Donuts, “I think he would have loved it,” said Tomsche.

So PIX 11 news strolled over to get some Dunkin customers take on Governor Christie’s Time cover. Fair or cheap shot? “I’m going to say that it’s unfair,” said one woman.

While a male customer said, “It’s a little cheap. A little bit. I don’t exactly agree with everything he says, but it’s kind of a fat joke.”

Across the Hudson, Cleveland had company in another President who lived life large. Teddy Roosevelt.  In front of President Roosevelt’s birthplace on East 20th in Manhattan, PIX 11 News came across Sheryl and Toni, two self-proclaimed liberal democrats from the battleground state of Florida.  The married couple felt that Time could have used better judgement after describing the image as, “That’s not very flattering.”