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NEW YORK — It’s a phenomenon that has baffled us for generations. UFOs are still enveloped in mystery. Some of the objects have been seen streaking across the sky at lightning speeds and with maneuvers hard to replicate.

So what are we seeing now? Are these aliens, military adversaries or a figment of our imagination?

Images surfacing in media recently that appear to be science fact and identified by the Pentagon as objects of unknown origin. Videos and photos being studied as part of an investigation that may produce answers as early as next week. Until now, such sightings have been mired in secrecy.

But through a Congressional appropriation in December, the Pentagon was mandated to establish the Unidentified Phenomenon Task Force to gain insight into the nature and origins of UFOs and make the findings public.

Luis Elizondo spent 10 years investigating UFOs for the Pentagon until 2017, when he went public to alert the country and Congress to the importance of the UFO mystery.

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot more we don’t know than we do know,” Elizondo said. “The good news is that we’re finally taking it seriously. In some cases, it could readily be explainable but from my experience, there are a lot that aren’t and very compelling.”

Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbel is responsible for a lot of the video we’ve seen, as well as from 8NewsNow, our sister station in Las Vegas and their “Mystery Wire” platform.

In 2019, a Naval officer using a night vision device recorded what appeared to be pyramid-like objects hovering 700 feet above the fantail of the USS Russell. The Russell was one of five Naval ships based in San Diego that were buzzed by drone-like objects of unknown origin.

The USS Omaha, a sophisticated surveillance vessel, found itself under surveillance over a period of three days. As many as 14 objects surrounded the warship. Recorded images show one six-foot diameter sphere that traveled at high speed before vanishing from radar and seemingly crashing into the ocean.

Just as mysterious are sightings by Naval pilots off the coast of Virginia two years ago which the Pentagon confirmed were unknown.

Unknown as well is an object performing erratic maneuvers around an airport runway in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico in 2013. At one point, it appears to have crashed into the water at 100 miles per hour, traveled under water, then emerged, splitting into two pieces.

While UFOs are often termed “aliens” in pop culture, skeptics offer a range of explanations for the phenomenon, like lights in the sky playing tricks with our eyes.

But Elizondo, on “60 Minutes” recently, is concerned about another possibility.

“Going through due diligence, this could be some new cruise technology china has developed,” he said.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida agreed that it could be the work of a foreign adversary and that either way, we need an answer.

The answer could come as early as next week. That’s the deadline set for the task force to make their report public.

Some experts believe they’ll simply acknowledge that there’s something up there but still don’t know just what it is. For those wondering if this is some advanced drone technology from one of our adversaries, military experts suggest they’re asking the same question about us.