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NEW YORK — Paul McCartney rocked out at a secret invite-only show at Grand Central Terminal in New York City tonight.

McCartney’s 17th solo-album, Egypt Station, dropped on Friday. The former star of the Beatles dropped hints abut the secret concert during a Thursday night appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“It’s a surprise gig. We haven’t been telling anyone… But the album’s title is ‘Egypt Station’ so there might be a little clue there — station,” he hinted. “It might be a grand show, I don’t know.”

A total of 50,000 special-edition metro cards advertising McCartney’s new album were printed and being sold at the 42nd Street-Grand Central station in the larger vending machines and station booths. It wasn’t immediately clear how many metro cards sold, but sellers were posting them on eBay for up to $40.

McCartney’s world tour will kick off in Canada on Sept. 17.