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KATY, Texas (PIX11) – A group of shoppers did not hesitate on a hot Monday afternoon when they heard two small children crying inside a locked car.

The owner of the Jeep had used the child lock, and the young boy and girl were unable to open the door from the inside of the vehicle, KHOU reported.

A group of shoppers reacted after hearing two children crying in a locked car. (KHOU)

With temperatures in the 90s, several passersby pitched in to help — one even grabbed a hammer and knocked out the back window to help free the children. Because the doors were child-locked  and the parents nowhere in sight, it was still a difficult task to safely get the wailing children out of the broken window.

“Even a dog can die, so imagine a person,” said Gabriel Del Valle, who shot the dramatic rescue with his cell phone.

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The children were shaken up but physically unharmed.

When their mother returned to the car, she was confronted by the Good Samaritans.  She said she left the kids in the car while getting a haircut, and pleaded with the bystanders not to call the police.

No report was filed in the incident.