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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Over a million YouTube views has thrusted yet another viral star into the limelight. In this case, we’re talking about a singing phenom who can take on the role of just about any pop diva you can think of.

New York native Christina Bianco is a Broadway actress from the Bronx and it’s what she can do with her voice that has sent YouTube in a tizzy.

In the viral video – called Christina Bianco’s Diva Impressions “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – she impersonates some of the biggest female acts as she performs the classic record. From Adele to Cher, the impersonations are uncanny.

“I put up a lot of videos and you never know what’s going to click with the people,” Bianco told PIX11 News, referring to her now-viral status. “I was shocked when it happened.”

Bianco, who is currently starring off-Broadway in Newsical The Musical, has received a Drama Desk award nomination for Outstanding Featured Actress In A Musical for her work in Forbidden Broadway; Goes To Rehab.

Despite her very impressive resume, Bianco is very humbled by her new-found celebrity status.

“Its surreal for someone like me who has been paying dues for so long,” she said. “You never think when you press one little button its going to connect to so many people, like I’m talking to you right now and I watch [PIX11] all the time and now I’m on it!”

As of Wednesday, Bianco had clocked over 1.2 million views on YouTube for her “Total Eclipse of the Heart” performance.