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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – A Vine star known best for making gun noises and showing off his arsenal has been arrested following an hours-long standoff sparked when his 17-year-old girlfriend called police, CNN affiliate WVIR reports.

The tense situation unfolded Sunday at a home in the 2500 block of Jefferson Park Avenue in Charlottesville, Va., police said. Bryan Silva, 25, allegedly threatened his teenage girlfriend early Sunday, WVIR reports.

“We got a call here this morning, shortly after 6 o’clock for a disturbance, it was a domestic disturbance,” Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo told WVIR. “A female caller said she was threatened with a firearm.”

Investigators said the 911 call was made by a neighbor after the suspect’s 17-year-old girlfriend escaped the home. When officers arrived, Silva refused to come out and barricaded himself inside for some nine hours.

Police blocked off streets surrounding the home and told everyone to stay inside. Longo said “a number of churches” were letting out as the situation unfolded.

“Fortunately, by the grace of God this ended peacefully,” Longo told the station.

A social media sensation with more than 460,000 followers on Vine, Silva posted to Facebook as teams of law enforcement surrounded his home. He uploaded a screenshot of a chat in which he wrote, “She betrayed me.” He also posted a video showing the police presence out his window.

Officers launched a chemical irritant into the house. Minutes later, Silva emerged and was taken away in handcuffs.

But before he surrendered, a second video was posted to his Facebook account showing Silva yelling, dancing and drinking what appears to be vodka, WVIR reports.

Silva’s main claim to fame is a Vine video – watched more than 18 million times as of midday Monday – in which he makes gun noises.

His most recent videos showcase several different firearms.

Now, he faces charges of abduction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He’s scheduled for a bond hearing Monday.