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THE BRONX — A subway rider became trapped between the closing doors of a No. 4 train, with her head and purse sticking out in an embarrassing predicament caught on video.

The train had pulled into its final stop at the Woodlawn station about 12:45 p.m. Tuesday when she realized other passengers had already left. She rushed to make her own exit from the now-empty train but the doors closed on her neck, trapping her.

“While this is an unfortunate incident, the passenger was able to get out safely with assistance from our train operator,” MTA spokeswoman Beth DeFalco said in a statement to PIX11 News. “Because the doors were ajar, the train was never in danger of moving.”

The video was posted to SubwayCreatures‘ Facebook page but it’s unknown who took the footage.

An MTA employee is seen in the video walking on the platform, seemingly unaware of the woman caught between the doors and sparking criticism online about her alleged behavior. But officials told PIX11 News that train operator is the one who told the conductor about the incident and opened the doors herself with a key, freeing the woman.

The train operator offered to get medical help for the passenger, but the woman declined.