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NORTH DAKOTA (PIX11) — What started out as an explosive debut for a rookie anchor at a North Dakota TV station,  has already gone bust.

Ex-KFYR-TV anchor A.J. Clemente became a YouTube sensation after dropping an epic F-bomb on his first day on the job.

“F**king sh*t!” was what Clemente was heard saying off camera, as the newscast’s opening graphic rolled.

Clemente apparently did not know his mic was on when he uttered the colorful language, inadvertently committing career suicide. The clip went viral over the weekend and it resulted in his firing.

In a statement released by KFYR-TV, the station’s news director said reporters are trained to always assume that the microphone is live at any time and asked for the viewers’ forgiveness, promising it wouldn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, A.J. seems to be doing just fine, tweeting on Monday:

That’s the spirit A.J. — and if epic blunders have showed us anything in the past, you’ll have a reality show by the end of the week. Well done sir.