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It’s surveillance video that led to the arrest of a nanny, and has also caused outrage and disbelief.  The video that claims to depict nanny Mamura Nasirova physically abusing a five month-old baby in her care is so disturbing, a viewer’s first reaction may be to look away.

However, the feelings of outrage the nanny’s recorded actions evoke might be more likely to keep a viewer locked in.

In the video, the nanny tries to give the baby girl a bottle.  When the baby refuses to drink, the woman who’s supposed to be caring for the child instead slaps the infant multiple times in the face, causing the baby’s head to jerk with each hit.

The nanny then shakes the baby in her bounce chair on the floor.  Next, the nanny hits the baby in the legs when the girl continues to refuse to feed, followed by punches to the five month-old’s body when the girl still won’t eat.  Finally, she shakes the baby and pulls her up roughly.

The baby’s mother posted the video on , where she identified the nanny as Nasirova, and also gave a description.  “My 17 month-old son was very scared of her for no reason and I was home full time and didn’t see anything wrong until one day when I took my doughter (sic) to dance class…

“While there, [I] decided to watch the cameras from the ipad… When we showed her [the] video, she did not show any emotion at all and simply said ‘But I love her.’

“She is a monster, liar, animal.  I don’t think there is any words to describe her!!!  What kind a person would be hitting like that a 5 month old child!!!”

The family called the police, who arrested Mamura Nasirova, 52, at the family’s home on Woodlawn Avenue on Sunday evening.  Nasirova reportedly fought the cops when they put her in handcuffs.

An abusive nanny was busted in the act after the family of the children she watched over, set up a hidden camera.

Wednesday afternoon, as the posted surveillance video started gaining wide attention, nobody answered at the family’s home, but a neighbor who knows both Nasirova and the baby’s family said there was a good reason why the mother had mistrusted her children’s caregiver.

“They got frightened one time she was hitting them,” Margaret Meekins  told PIX11 News.  “They got very frightened.  They looked at me.  …She hit them in the behind.  She didn’t hit them in the face, because if she did, she would’ve heard from me.”

In the surveillance video, the baby’s 17 month-old brother is on the sofa nearby watching the hitting, and does not appear to find it unfamiliar.  He was not harmed.

At Nasirova’s listed address in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, nobody was available, and it was not clear that she actually lives there.

For now, she’s staying in the Staten Island lockup, being held on $1000 cash bail on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and child endangerment.