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NEW YORK (PIX11) — A seemingly disturbed man narrowly avoided being hit by a subway train in Manhattan after lying down on the tracks last December.

The video, which was shot December 28, 2013, shows the man screaming, rolling on the “A” train tracks at what is believed to be the 175th Street station. Gothamist first reported on the video on Wednesday.

The man’s friend is on the tracks with him, pleading for him to get up before the train comes in.

The man’s friend and a bystander tried to lift the man off the tracks before the train barreled into the station.

The video was posted on YouTube last Saturday after previously being deleted by the person who recorded it.

When the train begins approaching, the friend gets off the tracks and tries to get the engineer to stop by waving his hands and yelling.

The train wasn’t able to stop, but miraculously the man survived.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told Gothamist that the man refused medical attention but was “forced to go to Columbia Presbyterian hospital as an emotionally disturbed person.”

In 2007, Wesley Autrey rescued a man who was having a seizure on the tracks at the 137th Street station.