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The toll of America’s longest war is written on the tombstones of the nearly 2,500 American soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery. More than 20,000 others live with the wounds inflicted during battle during the 20 years they served in Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden is defending his decision this week to withdraw all our troops, saying not another American soldier should sacrifice his or her life fighting a country’s civil war.

Watch Marvin’s exclusive interview with Travis Mills:

Critics of that decision call it an embarrassment, another American defeat like Vietnam.

But Travis Mills, who sacrificed his arms and legs to an improvised explosive device, feels that despite the unsuccessful war effort, he feels no bitterness. Instead, he feels proud, he says, that our presence in Afghanistan in fact accomplished something.

Travis, who lives by the motto “Never Give Up, Never Quit,” founded the nonprofit Travis Mills Foundation that benefits and assists combat injured veterans.

In an exclusive interview with PIX11’s Marvin Scott, he expressed his feelings about the troop withdrawal and the long effort to stabilize Afghanistan.