‘Vampire’ facial uses one’s blood to rejuvenate skin

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Manhattan, NY – It’s the hottest anti-aging treatment in Hollywood – claiming to take years off your face without going under the knife but you still have to give up a little bit of your blood.

The “Vampire Facelift” showed up in swag bags at this year’s Oscar and days later, we saw Kim Kardashian get the procedure herself on the reality show, “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.”

While the popular term for this is “Vampire Facelift,” the technical term is platelet-rich-plasma or PRP therapy.

Athletes like Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez have used it for years to speed up the healing process of injuries.  The idea is to draw your own blood, separate the protein-rich plasma, then re-inject it in areas that need plumping to help rejuvenate the affected area.

Now, cosmetic surgeons are using it on the face as a way of getting rid of wrinkles and looking younger!

Dr. Lisa Zdinack at Precision Aesthetics in Manhattan  www.lisazmd.com says the procedure takes no more than a half hour.  Dr. Zdinak says they typically take two to four vials of blood, spin it in a machine called a centerfuge that separates the platelets, the protein, that she then re-injects it into the face to build more collagen.

Dr. Zdinak says to get the full effect, you will need two or three treatments over three months.  Cost varies from doctor to doctor, averaging anwyere from $1,500 to $3,000 per treatment.

“The result is younger skin, tighter skin, less wrinkles on forehead.  It eliminates crow’s feet around the smile lines, no more lines from nose to mouth,” said Dr. Zdinak.

There are different ways to re-inject the platelets.

Cosmetic surgeons can use a Dermaroller, similar to a Dermapen like Kim Kardashian got, an instrument that has 192 ultra-fine needles designed to make micro-punctures under the skin in order to allow the blood plasma to be absorbed into the skin.

Patient Kathy Foster, 50, says she absolutely feels like she looks younger.  “And after I get it done, people always say, you look really good, what did you do?”

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