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LipoSonix is used for body contouring.  It reduces fat volume by focusing high-intensity ultrasound energy on the problem-area, causing no harm to the skin or surrounding tissue and organs, while disrupting fat cells. Once these have been broken down, one of the body’s debris-collection systems, macrophages, rid the body of these cells. As the fat is disposed of, patients begin to notice a marked decrease in local fat volume.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar demonstrated LipoSonix on patient Christine Kinney.

The Procedure

LipoSonix takes around 30 to 60 minutes for the entire abdomen and is relatively painless and relaxing. Occasionally patients feel cold, heat, tingling, or slight discomfort.

After Treatment

There is no recovery period after LipoSonix and patients can resume their normal routine immediately afterward. Side effects are temporary and include redness, mild bruising, tenderness, and minor swelling. Results generally appear within three months after the first treatment session, but many patients notice changes even sooner. The results are permanent when combined with an ongoing diet and exercise regimen. However, additional treatments or maintenance therapy after six months are also available.

Am I a good candidate?

LipoSonix is generally intended for: stomach, thighs, love handles, bra line fat, hips, buttocks…or any other areas resistant to diet and exercise.  It is important to remember that LipoSonix and similar procedures are not treatments for obesity or a weight loss cure. They are intended for body sculpting and minor volume depletion only.

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