NEW YORK (PIX11) — Ticketmaster was in the hot seat Tuesday as the company went before a Senate judiciary committee.

The investigation comes in response to the Taylor Swift ticket fiasco in November. Some of the experts called before the committee were blunt, saying Live Nation-Ticketmaster must be broken up.

In November, long wait times, massive technical issues, and sky-high prices frustrated fans and broke Swiftie hearts. Ticketmaster took the heat before senators but blamed high demand, scalping, and computer bots for the meltdown.

Ticketmaster has more than 70 percent of the market for ticketing large events while simultaneously owning many of the concert venues and promoting them through Live Nation.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar said the Taylor Swift ticket debacle spotlighted a problem that’s existed for years. Ticketmaster’s merger with Live Nation in 2010 set the stage for what one expert called a monopoly on par with Standard Oil of the early 1900s.

Live Nation’s President and Chief Financial Officer Joe Berchtold apologized to fans and to Swift, and said the company knows it must do better.

This story comprises reporting from The Associated Press.