LANCASTER COUNTY, Neb. (NEXSTAR) – An alleged drunk driver was arrested earlier this year in Nebraska after accidentally calling police to report his own “dumb” behavior, a new video from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office shows.

The driver dialed 911 in March of this year while driving along U.S. 77 in Lancaster County, he could be heard telling the 911 operator.

“I’m on highway 77 going north, and then, somebody’s on the wrong side of the road,” he told the operator.

“He had his brights on, man. He almost ran me off the road,” the driver added.

The man repeated his claim, insisting that the truck was traveling south on the northbound side of the highway.

“That was gnarly. That was like, a lot,” the driver said.

Footage released by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department shows a deputy in a patrol car attempting to catch up to the driver following the 911 call.

After conducting a traffic stop, the deputy asked if the driver knows why he’s been pulled over, as seen in body-camera footage shared to Facebook.

“Yeah, because I was on the wrong side of the road,” the driver said. “I must’ve missed an exit.”

Later, the deputy asks the driver if he’s the same motorist who called to report a truck going southbound in the northbound lane.

“Yeah, because I thought somebody was on the wrong side of the f—ing road, bro,” the driver confessed.

“Turns out it was you,” the deputy said.

“Yeah. Like a dumb [expletive],” the driver responded.

The sheriff’s office wrote in an on-screen message that the deputies ultimately determined the driver had a blood-alcohol concentration of over twice the legal limit of 0.08%. No one was hurt, the department added.

A representative for the office was not immediately available to provide additional details of the driver’s arrest.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office did, however, say they hoped the wild-but-“true story” would serve as a reminder to drive sober over the holiday weekend.

“Additional deputies will be on patrol during the Labor Day weekend,” the office’s Facebook post concluded.