ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. (KTLA) — A southern California woman is desperately seeking the public’s help in finding her missing wedding dress. 

Rebecca Nguyen, of Mission Viejo, is on the hunt for her wedding dress after a family member accidentally donated it to Goodwill. 

Nguyen got married in 2017 and she left her wedding dress at her parents’ house to keep it safe. 

Her parents later divorced, and in the process of them moving, her wedding dress was accidentally donated to Goodwill in Brea.  

In a Facebook post that has been shared over 2,000 times, Nguyen shared her story and pleaded for the public’s help in finding her dress. 

“If you have it, please consider selling it back to me,” Nguyen wrote. “I will pay more than you paid for it. You can even wear it for your wedding! I don’t mind sharing the joy and beauty of the dress. Please feel free to share this so I can get as many eyes on this post as possible!”

When Nguyen reached out to Goodwill, an employee informed her that the dress had been transferred to a different location and they have not been able to track its exact location. 

The dress was originally purchased from Casablanca Bridal in Newport Beach. 

Anyone who happens to come across the gown is encouraged to contact Goodwill and they will contact Nguyen.