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NEW YORK — We all have them, especially if you grew up in New York – those classic New York snap shots.

Now Urban Archive, the app that allows users to explore the city’s history block by block, wants a piece of yours.

As part of a month-long project, the app is launching “My Archive” where it’s asking New Yorkers to submit a personal photo taken before 2005 along with a story that will become part of their growing catalog.

“People can actually submit their own photos of their families and friends wherever they are in the city and really get to contribute to the project in a personal way,” Samantha Addeo, director of Community & Development at Urban Archive told PIX11 News.

With help from a number of museums and institutions, Urban Archive has collected 60,000 photographs to date. Some taken as far back as 1890.

Their month long project, which brings a personal touch to the app, has already produced a few gems.

The ultimate goal, according to Addeo, is to get New Yorkers more engaged with history of our city.

Urban Archive is currently accepting submissions through February 27.

20 photos will eventually be selected from the batch and added to the app’s permanent collection.

For more information, visit their website.