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The mother of Amadou Diallo, the unarmed man fatally shot by NYPD officers outside his Bronx apartment over 20 years ago, shared her reaction to the Derek Chauvin verdict with the PIX11 Morning News.

“There’s no time for celebration,” Kadiatou Diallo said Wednesday. “There’s time for work. To put in the work that needed to be done, so we can stop seeing these cases time and time again.”

The former Minneapolis police officer was found guilty Tuesday on all three charges in the killing of George Floyd, a very different outcome than the trial of the officers in Diallo’s 1999 killing.

“This verdict speaks to Amadou. This verdict speaks to many victims,” Diallo said.

All four cops on trial for her son’s death were acquitted, which sparked Kadiatou Diallo’s decades-long fight for justice for all victims of police brutality, and demanding accountability for officers involved.

“Since my son was gunned down, I’ve been fighting. I’ve been advocating,” Diallo said. “Justice is a long road. Justice has not been had for many, many, many,” she added.

When asked if she believes the Chauvin verdict signals a corner turned in police accountability, Diallo said it’s hard to tell right away.

“This is a right step in the right direction. This is a rebeginning, because we have been there before, so many times,” she said.