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A pack of angry bikers vandalize a a family’s SUV in Washington Heights after a wild chase in Manhattan on Sunday.

According to an NYPD source, two men are in police custody in connection with the vicious beating of an SUV driver over the weekend.

Tuesday afternoon a second biker turned himself into police in Queens and is now at the 33rd Precinct.

The other biker, Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, NJ has been arrested charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child, among other charges.

The attack happened Sunday after one of the bikers was involved in a fender bender on the West Side Highway with an SUV.  The group of 20 to 30 bikers surrounded the SUV, threatening the driver and slashing one of the tires, according to police.

The shaken driver, identified as 33-year-old Alexian Lien, who was with his wife and 2-year-old daughter, tried to drive away from the mob — running over three bikers in the process.  The group gave chase, finally cornering Lien at West 178th St. in Washington Heights where one biker shattered the driver’s side window with his helmet.  They dragged Lien out of the car and beat him severely in front of his family, slashing him in the face and torso with a knife, police said.

Two other motorcyclists were taken to the hospital. One was treated and released, another is still in the hospital with two broken legs and and has been intubated, Kelly said,

A Facebook page entitled Justice for Jay Meezee already has nearly 10,000 likes and shows a picture of an intubated man.  His family posted that he is in a coma and paralyzed, but that is not yet confirmed.

The NYPD received more 200 calls regarding the bikers on Sunday and their apparent reckless behavior.

In police action against the bikers unrelated to the SUV attack, police made 15 arrests on Sunday, confiscated 55 motorcycles and issues 66 summonses.

This group of bikers had no permit for any sanctioned event, Kelly said.