NEW YORK (PIX11) — Amtrak service between New York City and Albany is still partially suspended Monday night after a major safety concern was discovered near the train tracks in Hell’s Kitchen. 

Two gaping cracks in a concrete parking garage above the tunnel.

 “It’s scary you can see the bottom,” said one customer. 

So scary that Amtrak decided to halt train traffic underneath West 51st Street and Tenth Avenue – on its Empire Line that runs to Albany. 

“It’s a tiny hole, but it indicates something else, and that’s why, out of an abundance of caution, they shut it down,” said customer Adam Larson of Riverdale.

The trouble lies above the railroad tracks. In the Hudsonview Icon parking garage, the concrete deck started to crack and crumble in two spots. We showed former Department of Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler. 

“That’s disturbing no questions, shouldn’t put much weight on it,” Chandler advised. 

911 was called Friday by an engineer hired by the garage. It was being checked ahead of its end-of-year report to the city.

Then Sunday, Amtrak found additional support beams were also subpar, and pulled the plug on service. 

“I’ve heard a train underneath [the rumbling]. It’s surprising, not earth-shaking, but the sound is pretty intimidating,” Larson recalled. 

Chandler says it’s a common problem with wear and tear from the environment and chemicals emitted from vehicles.  

Sitting above the garage is a high-rise residential building and school. 

“There should be no concern for residents in their homes,” Chandler said. 

A Department of Buildings source told PIX11 News there are no structural concerns elsewhere. 

But Icon tells its customers, cars will remain locked inside until the fix is in. 

New York City officials stepped up the inspection of parking garages after a three-story parking structure in lower Manhattan collapsed in April, killing one worker, injuring several others and crushing dozens of cars.

NYC’s mandatory inspection program for parking structures was first implemented in January 2022. Prior to this, NYC did not have a periodic structural inspection program for parking structures,” a DOB spokesperson said.