NEW YORK (PIX11) — Transit is a topic that sparks conversation around New York. A subway commuter posted a Twitter poll asking people to choose their favorite stations. 

Sunny Ng from Williamsburg is a software engineer. He created a spreadsheet and posted individual polls on his Twitter account earlier in December. 

He seeded the brackets based on ridership data. 

”From the beginning, it’s familiarity. The stations that were winning were the ones that were popular and had high ridership. As it progressed, it seemed it was different. The two finalists were elevated stations. People care about the view and the outside,” Ng said. 

The final round was between Broadway Junction and Smith-9th Streets stations in Brooklyn. 

The poll had hundreds of thousands of views, comments, likes and retweets. 

Smith-9th Street, which won the final round, is the station with the highest elevation in the MTA system.