NEW YORK (PIX11) – More riders have been returning to trains, buses and subways each week.

On Tuesday, MTA Chairman Janno Lieber and Gov. Kathy Hochul announced new records for the New York City Subway and Metro-North.

The Long Island Rail Road and Access-A-Ride have also been posting high numbers.

The agency is focusing on safety and service. Presentations from the NYPD showed a drop in crime.

Health and safety continue to be priorities for riders, according to surveys the MTA discussed this month.

Sally Wolf is a commuter and well-being advocate. She also is a breast cancer survivor and addressed the board about the messages about masks.

“The new campaign says ‘you do you.’ The problem with that it leaves people like me — immunocompromised — in a really complicated position,” Wolf said.

On Sept. 7, public health officials and the governor relaxed the mask mandate for transit. They are recommended.

Riders asked the MTA to create an area for those wearing masks, similar to quiet cars found at the front and rear of trains.

Lieber said the campaign goal was to minimize conflict and a section of the ads will be changed.

“As people return to the office, they’re choosing to use mass transit. The indications are people are comfortable and voting with their feet,” he said.

Ridership began to increase after the Labor Day holiday as students and office workers entered the system. 

Records have been hitting pre-pandemic marks from March 2020 a few times a week for some travel.

Weekend ridership continues to have the highest percentages.