BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Subway turnstiles connect riders to New York City, and a new model is being tested at two busy stations, one in Brooklyn and one in Queens.

One was installed at the end of March at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn and the other will soon arrive at Sutphin-Archer in Queens, which connects to JFK Airport. It’s described as a test program to gather information, data and feedback.

The MTA is looking for a design that is more accessible and user-friendly. The rotating metal bar is gone. Instead, the model features sliding doors that open and close when activated.

MTA Chief Accessibility Officer Quemuel Arroyo said input from riders and employees would help shape the design. 

“We are looking to see how the New York environment and riders interact and create the New York requirement. That model doesn’t exist yet,” Arroyo said. 

The test sites will be monitored. The new Atlantic Avenue turnstiles are located next to a new Customer Service Center.

It has sensors on the floor and remote monitoring to provide data on usage. It can also track fare evasion by logging and comparing fare payments to the number of riders.

The gate on this model closes quicker than current emergency exits.

This is not the final design. Based on the data and observations, the MTA plans to test variations over the coming month.

“Turnstiles didn’t work for people like me in wheelchairs, or parents and caregivers with strollers, or people carrying luggage,” Arroyo said.

Some riders, even those carrying packages, didn’t notice the new access zone. Others headed right for the wider entry and exit point.