NEW YORK (PIX11) – The MTA plans to reduce weekday service on certain lines next summer due to lower ridership as more people work hybrid schedules post-COVID.

The change to Monday and Friday service will allow the MTA to add extra weekend trains to other lines, where the agency says ridership has increased. The A and C trains will start earlier during the week to reflect early rush hour patterns.

The NYC transit president said wait times on Mondays and Fridays will increase from 3 to 30 seconds on average with a max increase of one minute due to reduced service on the Nos. 1, 6, and 7 trains and the E, F, L, and Q trains. This is all to add more service periods to the G, J, and M trains on the weekend because of higher ridership.

However, the Transit Workers Union pointed out that’s a 25% decrease in service for some lines which could serve to frustrate some riders, who could take that out on transit workers. 

“I don’t care what the MTA calls this. This is a service cut for everyone who rides the subway on Mondays and Fridays. There will be fewer trains making fewer trips. Riders will wait longer on platforms. It will take longer for them to reach their destinations. No amount of spin will change that,” said TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis on Monday.

The MTA has been struggling to make ends meet and asked for more funding from the state. The comptroller said the actual solution is to raise the price of entry to $3.50 instead of the paltry 4% increases that have been proposed for 2023 and 2025.