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NEW YORK — A new way to pay for your subway and bus ride has arrived. 

Two and a half years ago, the MTA rolled out the tap-and-go fare payment system that uses your phone and credit card. 

It’s called OMNY, which stands for “One Metro New York.”

Jeremy Zorek commutes via many modes of public transit. He found one of the new refillable OMNY cards — an alternative to tapping your phone or credit card at the turnstile — at a check cashing business on Lexington and 29th Street. 

“It’s really nice to have a physical card to use. I was using phone and my watch for last year. With this you can track how much you’re spending. It’s not coming right out of bank account,” he said. 

The MTA has just started distributing the cards in the last few days at big chain drug stores and your local corner store. 

More places will get stocked up in the next week. They cost $5. 

Riders add money to it at the time of purchase. For now, it has to be refilled on line at the MTA’s OMNY website. OMNY vending machines will be in stations in the spring. 

The new fare payment system has become popular and this spring logged its 50 millionth tap. Some riders have expressed concerns about double or incorrect charges, and credit card security, though.

The new OMNY card expires in 7 years. 

Eventually there will be an OMNY app as well. 

Later this year, OMNY will be available for reduced-fare customers, and next year, unlimited cards and railroad passes. 

The original MetroCard will be in use through 2023.