NEW YORK (PIX11) — The MTA is reminding riders to be nice as New York City trains and buses become increasingly crowded during peak commute times.

The MTA on Tuesday rolled out a new courtesy campaign. It was created in-house by designers who use the system.

The MTA’s Acting Chief Customer Officer is Shanifah Rieara. She talked about her 90-minute commute from the Bronx. 

“The goal isn’t to lecture anyone. We just wanted to have a little bit of fun explaining our Rules of Conduct as ridership continues to grow. What we do may ruin the ride for someone else,” she said.

The PSA campaign features drawings of commuters and some of the familiar situations in transit, including blocking doors, leaving trash and taking up multiple seats.

Frequent service helps create better rides. Officials said the capacity for more riders is available.

“We are doing our part to move the trains faster. Customers have to stand clear of the doors. If you’re holding them, it impacts that train and every train behind it,” said Senior VP of NYC Transit Demetrius Crichlow.

Ridership data show the subways continue to hit pre-pandemic records. But the recent 4.1 million swipes in September were 1.6 million below a high mark from 2019.

Metro-North and LIRR ridership has been increasing. But they’re about 30% below pandemic travel during average times.

“People got used to trains that were not so crowded and now more and more people are coming back, which is what we want to see. But all the more reason for this campaign,” said Metro-North President Catherine Rinaldi.

The campaign will be used throughout the system and visible on electronic boards in stations.