NEW YORK (PIX11) — It’s time to discuss MTA fare and toll rates again.

The proposals include reviewing some discount and fare pilot programs this time. The entire MTA board will receive the proposals on Wednesday at its monthly board meeting.

The agency has studied current payment trends and fares paid by New Yorkers at different income levels.

“How do we make sure to minimize the impact on lower-income riders and essential workers who use it every day,” said MTA Chief Financial Officer Kevin Willens. 

They say riders use the seven-day unlimited weekly card, which would be increased to $1. 

Part of the proposal addresses OMNY, the tap-and-go fare payment system offering a “Lucky 13.” After the 12th ride, the other rides are free during a Monday to Sunday period. 

NYC Transit could change the time period to any seven-day stretch, allowing more people to access the free rides during a convenient time.   

The City Ticket allows anyone to travel within NYC on the LIRR or Metro-North for $5 off-peak. The MTA has proposed to keep the $5 off-peak ticket and add a new $7 City Ticket for peak travel. 

“I really need that City Ticket. It makes my commute 1,000 times easier, 1,000 times cheaper,” said Jalen Jack, a commuter from Southeast Queens to Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. 

Riders on the LIRR to Atlantic Terminal within Queens and Brooklyn can also choose from a weekly Atlantic Ticket that includes a transfer to the subway or bus. 

The current fare proposal will ask the MTA board to keep or eliminate that $60 Atlantic Ticket. 

A 20% discount currently offered on a 20-trip ticket for the railroads could also be kept or eliminated. 

MTA Board Member Andrew Albert said discounts help get NYC riders on the railroads within the city. 

“In the peak hours, let it be a peak fare. But losing the free transfer would be a big mistake,” Albert said about the Atlantic Ticket.  

Riders said they want to see some improvements if the price goes up. 

“They need to do some fiscal housekeeping and be more efficient,” said Louis Camporeale, who rides the railroad.

The MTA proposes increasing the fare for New York City’s subways and buses to $2.90, a 15-cent increase from the current base price.

Under the MTA proposal, the cost of a seven-day unlimited MetroCard would increase by $1 to $34. A 30-day unlimited MetroCard would increase by $5 to $132.

Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North riders would see an average 4.3% increase for a monthly pass with a $500 cap on the price. A one-way peak ticket would increase an average of 4.6%.

The railroads also propose standardizing the discount for off-peak fares. If approved, the new fares and tolls would go into effect no later than Labor Day in September. 

Public hearings on the proposals are expected to be scheduled for June. The MTA Board will vote on the proposed increases in July or after the hearings.