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NEW YORK — Every week the transit system carries a new record number of riders. 

The most recent number was 2.57 million swipes on the subway. That’s about 50% of pre-pandemic levels. Bus service has been holding steady at half the regular levels.

The MTA and NYPD are always tracking statistics on crime and service performance. There has been a lot of back and forth with the city and state about handling some of the issues in recent months. 

While overall crime had decreased, the number of assaults increased to more than one or two a day. That continued in May but officials say the trend is decreasing for the past three weeks in June. 

Wednesday was time for another monthly board meeting.

Interim NYC Transit President Sarah Feinberg said there was more cooperation and coordination  

“The uptick in ridership helps a bit too. The number seems to be linked at least now to increase in policing,” she said.  

NYC Transit also tracks statistics on service, delays and wait times. It’s those numbers that aren’t going in the right direction. 

The increase in ridership has contributed but there’s also issues with staffing. The agency is working to hire more crews for subway and bus operations after lifting the hiring freeze that was put in place least year. 

“Had we not taken the steps, we could have run out of money. If we had to do it again, we would do it this way because of the circumstances of a once in a century pandemic,” MTA Chairman Pat Foye said. 

Class sizes for potential hires will be larger with the lifting of restrictions. It takes a number of months for people to be trained and certified for positions.