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EAST HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) — When MTA Officers Luis Alvarez and Errold Borges responded to a call Tuesday morning of a dog on the tracks at the Harlem 125th Street Station, they knew they had to act quickly and carefully to get her onto the platform.

“At first it appeared a little frightened.  I realized it started wagging the tail. Once we called, it came and actually walked beside us into the shelter house,” said Officer Alvarez.   “It was actually very happy to see somebody. Remember it came from the Bronx.”

The collie shepherd mix, believed to be about three years old, sure did come from the Bronx.   The darling daredevil dog tried to outrun a Metro North train on the Hudson line.

Running alongside it, and in front of  it, shechased it from 149th Street in the South Bronx,  about a mile and a half, all the way to Manhattan where the MTA cops made their rescue.

Across the platform were cheering passengers on their way to a Yankee game.“They were actually clapping and very glad.  There must have been a lot of animal lovers, like me,” said Officer Alvarez.The cops credit the engineer with keeping a watchful eye on the friendly and fearless pooch, and knowing when to slow down.

The adorable track star has since been named “Tie” for all the railroad ties she crossed.  She was brought to Animal Care and Control of NYC Tuesday afternoon with no tag, no license, and no microchip, but experts say

there’s no doubt she belongs to someone.

“She looks very well cared for.  Her coat is clean.  She definitely is well fed.  There’s no indication she’s been living outside or on the street without an owner, “said Risa Weinstock, Executive Director of Animal Care and


The precious pup will be cared for by Animal Care and Control until Friday.  If the owner doesn’t come forward to claim her, she’ll be put up for adoption or placed through an animal rescue group.

Officer Alvarez’s three young children have already expressed an interest.