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WHITESTONE, Queens — Three Brooklyn men have been arraigned on murder and robbery charges in the “mob-style” hit on a man fatally shot outside a Queens movie theater last October.

Jaquan Campbell, 25, his girlfriend and 15 others left the Angel’s Strip Club at College Point Boulevard in Flushing just after 3 a.m. on Oct. 1, 2018, when they were rear-ended and sideswiped by a black BMW.

According to the charges, the black BMW, occupied by four men (three of them wearing masks), had been seen pursuing Campbell’s Lexus, and the other vehicles in the entourage.

The driver of the BMW intentionally crashed into the Lexus, that was being driven Campbell, officials said.

Campbell was able to drive a couple blocks and then stopped the car to look at the damage. The occupants of the BMW jumped out and one rushed toward the Lexus and fired repeatedly at Campbell, several bullets hitting his chest.

They abandoned the BMW, forced a woman who was in the car with Campbell out of the vehicle and they got into the Lexus. Officials say they took the car, drove away from the movie theater parking lot on Ulmer Street and drove to 120th Street and 26th Avenue, where they dumped the Lexus.

When police arrived on the scene, Campbell was pronounced dead.

The District Attorney’s Office has identified the  suspects as Brandon Lee, 24, of Sands Street, Daijan Palmer, 26, of Skidmore Avenue, and Darvin Guiteau, 24, of East 80th Street, all of Brooklyn.

Lee was extradited from Florida in October 2018, and the two other defendants were also apprehended in October last year.

On Tuesday, the three men were arraigned before Queens Supreme Court Justice John Latella on an indictment charging them with second-degree murder, first- and second-degree robbery, second-degree attempted murder, second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and first-degree reckless endangerment. Palmer is also charged with tampering with physical evidence.

The three men are being held without bail and their next court date is May 20, 2019.

A fourth person is currently in custody out of state and extradition is pending. If convicted, the defendants face up to 25 years to life in prison.