Adam Lanza’s friend: ‘We had a feeling that there might have been something wrong with him’

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In the continuing search for a motive into the Newtown school shootings, there are no hard leads…at least not yet.

We don’t know what Adam Lanza had against all of those children and staffers at Sandy Hook Elementary school….why he decided he needed to take their lives.

At this point, investigators are delving into the 20-year old’s past – searching his medical history…talking to his old friends, like high school classmate Alan Diaz.

“He was very intelligent person, he really was, it was just the way he acted around other people was just very withdrawn and just really quiet,” Diaz said.

On the investigative front – computer forensic analysts are doubtful they can recover any useful information from a smashed hard drive found in the sprawling Newtown home Lanza shared with his mother…who he killed before going on his rampage at the school.

Did Lanza’s fondness for violent video games play a role in this tragedy?

“Warcraft 3 was really fun. So he was really into games and as I recall he picked up on star craft really quickly,” Diaz said.

That’s still unclear.

But Diaz says Lanza was always smart – and liked to keep to himself.

“We all kinda knew that like you know, he had problems socially and we had a feeling that there might have been something wrong with him but, obviously, we never asked, we never thought it was our place to do so.”

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