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EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn — The missing pregnant Queens woman who ceased contact with her Long Island family on Dec. 17 was spotted by police in a Brooklyn hotel on Tuesday, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

Annemarie Cusumano Chavarria, 33, then left the premises for parts unknown.

“Officers from the 75th Precinct responded to that hotel for a disturbance call. She was there with another woman and a man,” according to the NYPD.

Cusumano, who has a history of personal struggles, reportedly left the hotel on New Jersey Avenue in East New York voluntarily and also left her identification behind.

Across the border in Queens, her estranged husband, Matthew David Chavarria, was getting arrested Tuesday at the 102 Precinct for allegedly robbing his wife’s cellphone on Dec. 12 and causing her physical injury.

The Brooklyn hotel incident happened at 12:50 pm Tuesday, about an hour before Cusumano’s parents–who live on Long Island–contacted the 102 Precinct in Queens to formally report their pregnant daughter missing.  It was 10 days since the family had last spoken to her.

Their daughter had married Matthew Chavarria on Nov. 30 at Town Hall in Hempstead without informing them and was reportedly seven weeks pregnant when she disappeared.

Cusumano was living in a rented room with her new husband in Ozone Park until Dec. 12, when they allegedly had the domestic dispute.

The NYPD said she filed a police report soon after, claiming “her husband tried to stop her from leaving.  He struck her in the head and threw her to the ground and ripped the cell phone from her hands.”

The family started getting increasingly concerned about Annemarie Cusumano’s safety on Dec. 17 when she called a family member using a stranger’s phone and said “I’m not safe here on the streets.”

We still don’t know the identities of the man and woman the missing woman was seen with at the Brooklyn hotel.

But police from the 75th Precinct who responded to the disturbance were wearing body cameras and they shared the footage with detectives across the border at the 102 Precinct in Queens.

“That body cam footage was shown to the woman’s parents,” an NYPD spokesperson told PIX11 News, “and they said it was her.”