JAMAICA, NY (PIX11) — Jossiah Nguyen, the missing man from Savannah, Georgia who was wandering the streets of New York City for more than two months, was found Thursday evening at the Long Island Railroad train station in Jamaica, Queens.

The MTA Police Department confirmed to PIX11 News that Nguyen was discovered by officers at 5:39 p.m. at the station. When officers ran his name in a computer, they realized he was Jossiah Nguyen, 25, who was reported missing by the Savannah Police Department. His parents indicated he may have been walking near railroad tracks.  

Nguyen had received a minor summons on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn on June 25, on the same day his parents were in New York City for a Missing Persons event. When they went to the location, he was nowhere to be found.

His father’s cousin, Kim Crown, later took a haunting photo of Nguyen near the Lorimer Street train station on July 5.  He was wearing tattered pants and refused help. When Crown contacted Yen Nguyen, Jossiah’s father, and sent the picture, the worried dad observed, “It breaks your heart to see your son that way.”

Jossiah’s mother said her son had written to her on Facebook Messenger on May 13, five days after he went missing, asking for financial help to get a bus ticket back to Savannah.  He said he had lost his phone and wallet.

The mom cried as she recalled her son then tried to make a Facebook call.

“Unfortunately, I missed the call,” Bien Nguyen said, her voice breaking, “and we haven’t heard from him since.”

PIX11 News spoke to Nguyen’s relieved parents by phone Thursday evening. His mother said her son would likely receive a medical evaluation, and she would come to bring him home

Nguyen’s plight gained national attention after his parents told their story to PIX11 News in an emotional interview that aired Tuesday. They said their son developed emotional issues after high school.

The parents spoke of Nguyen’s many talents, sending us video of Jossiah joyfully performing a breakdancing routine in a high school show. Ironically, the song he danced to was Pharrell’s “Happy.”

Nguyen also used to record rap music with his high school friends and his parents said he was an excellent athlete. Thursday night, they were waiting by the phone for MTA Police to connect them with their son, so they could hear his voice.