Update: Papa Birama Sow was found at St. Barnabas Hospital, the man’s son, Ismael Sow, said told PIX11 News on Monday. For more updates on this story, click here.

Original story:

BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — The son of a 62-year-old Bronx man flew to New York from France when he got word that his father, Papa Birama Sow, had been missing since Oct. 29.

Papa Sow was last seen at his home on East 194 Street and Decatur Avenue in the Bronx and lives among the local Senegalese community there.

“I’ve been all over the Bronx. I even went to Jacobi Hospital, to the morgue,” Papa’s son, Ismael Sow, said of his search.

Sow’s wife told a family friend her husband was sleeping when she left for work on Oct. 29. He was gone when she came home.

“Everything is at home,” the friend, Tareian King, told PIX11 News. “His phone, his money, ID, keys and his asthma pump.”

Sow’s wife told us he had some health issues.

“He has some heart and lung problems,” Sow’s wife said. “His asthma pump is at the house.”

Ismael Sow said his family called 911 three times before a missing person report was accepted.

“He just moved to the United States eight years ago,” Ismael Sow said of his dad. “My father was born in France. My grandfather was stationed at a military base in France. My father then grew up in Senegal, and he went back to France to finish his studies.”

Ismael Sow said his father received an advanced degree to work as a pharmacist, but he never ended up practicing in France.

Sow’s wife said he had worked as a taxi driver over the years here. He once had a pedicab license, but it has been inactive since 2017.

The NYPD confirmed to PIX11 News Sunday night that Papa Birama Sow is still missing and that his case was reported to the police.