POOLER, Ga. (PIX11) — Jossiah Nguyen, the Georgia man who went missing a second time after his mother took him back home, was found safe Tuesday evening and admitted to a hospital.

“We are thankful for the many people involved in helping us find him,” Jossiah’s father, Yen Nguyen, posted on Facebook. “He is currently being transferred to an inpatient facility.”

Nguyen’s story moved many people, after he was photographed in tattered jeans on a Brooklyn subway bench, homeless on the streets of New York City after leaving his parents’ home in Pooler, Georgia just before Mother’s Day.

When Nguyen was found by MTA cops Thursday near the Long Island Rail Road station on Sutphin Boulevard in Queens, he was evaluated at Jamaica Hospital.

Nguyen’s mother, Bien, dropped everything and flew to Newark Airport the next morning, before heading straight for the hospital.

Bien Nguyen was upset that her oldest son didn’t get a direct transfer from New York to an in-patient medical center in Georgia.

Jossiah Nguyen flew home late Saturday night with his mother and by Sunday afternoon, the 25-year-old man took off again, his parents telling the Facebook community he had been non-compliant with his medication.

Yet on Tuesday night, Jossiah’s father posted on Facebook: “God answered our prayers in his time as Bien Nguyen and I were feeling at our lowest.”

The tired father thanked the Georgia community for its help, including “strangers that we didn’t know who shared tips and were eyes in locating Jossiah.”

Yen Nguyen texted PIX11’s Mary Murphy about finding his son again, writing “Asking for prayers that inpatient care does not release Jossiah anytime soon until proper medicine and therapy is administered.”