EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A Buffalo man with autism who disappeared after leaving his aunt’s Brooklyn home two weeks ago has been located at Coney Island Hospital.

The sister of Khalid Morris, 28, told PIX11 News a doctor contacted her Monday afternoon with the news.

“He just said my brother is there, and he’s doing okay,” Fatimah Morris told PIX11 News from her home in Buffalo.

It remained unclear Monday what happened to Khalid Morris after he was last seen on surveillance leaving his aunt’s house nearly two weeks ago on April 13.

“He got into an argument with somebody and the police were called,” Ismail Morris, Khalid Morris’ brother, told PIX11 News.

Two of Khalid’s brothers said he was having mental health issues before he vanished.

“He was in one of his ‘episodes,'” said brother Muhammed Morris. “One minute he’s happy, and the next minute he goes off the wall.”

The family said a surveillance video showed Khalid Morris leaving his aunt’s house near Euclid Avenue just after 8 a.m.

“He was wearing a red bucket hat and a red vest,” Ismail Morris, his other brother, said. “The neighborhood he’s in is not a very safe area.”

The brothers said Khalid Morris had taken a bus from Buffalo to New York City on April 10, not long after he suffered an episode and took off from the house where he lives with his mother and sisters.

“We found him upside down in the garbage,” Muhammed Morris said.

When Khalid Morris was waiting for the bus in Buffalo, the brother said a news crew interviewed him about Ramadan.

“He left Buffalo on the 10th. He was actually on the news about Ramadan,” Muhammed Morris said.

The family said Khalid Morris arrived at the Port Authority in Manhattan the morning of April 12 and turned up at his aunt’s home near Euclid Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn that evening. He left the next morning.

Khalid Morris was last seen leaving his aunt’s house in Brooklyn on April 13, 2022, according to his brothers. (Credit: family handout)

Ismail Morris said his brother was all dressed up in a maroon outfit when Khalid told him he needed to take a train.

“He said he was going to New Jersey to get some money,” Ismail Morris said, recalling his brother said a friend owed him money. “He wasn’t giving me the full story.”

However, Muhammed Morris said he drove to New Jersey and the friend said they hadn’t seen him.

Muhammed Morris said his family tried to file a missing person report with the NYPD, but investigators asked him where his brother was missing from. He said when he told the NYPD his brother lived in Buffalo, investigators responded, “We can’t do anything until Buffalo calls.”