Editor’s Note: The missing teen was found on Aug. 4. After she was located, PIX11 removed her name and image. For the latest on the teens’ story, click here.

CROWN HEIGHTS, BROOKLYN (PIX11) — A Brooklyn girl was gearing up for her first year of high school when she disappeared from her family’s home in Prospect Heights last Wednesday morning.

The 14-year-old was babysitting her younger brother and sister while her mother, Raquel, worked.

“It’s seven days,” the anguished mom told PIX11 News on Tuesday. “She wouldn’t go this long without me.”

News of the teen’s disappearance quickly spread through the education community in which her mother works. Raquel clutched her daughter’s favorite doll and a book of sketches outside the family’s home on Tuesday, as she told PIX11 News the girl has been a terrific debater since grade school.

“She can debate anybody,” the mother said. “She went to Harvard for debates.”

The mom said her daughter’s goal is to be a knee surgeon, with the hope of attending prominent schools like Columbia University or NYU. The mother said her daughter was set to begin orientation at Bela Charter School in Bushwick when she vanished.

The mom said the teen was sleeping when she left for work on Wednesday morning. When her 12-year-old brother and 10-year-old sister noticed she wasn’t in the house, they thought she was playing a prank — at first.

The mother said two days before her daughter went missing, she had taken her computer away at night because the teen was using it too late.

“All I saw was YouTube,” the mother said. “I’m not computer savvy.”

Raquel said her daughter had not been bullied at school but she wondered why she didn’t seem to do things with friends.

“She said, ‘Mommy, I’ll meet them in high school,’” the mother recalled.

The family is planning a rally to raise awareness and hopefully find the missing teen.