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Tuesday’s train derailment injured multiple people and halted subway service on the A,B,C and D trains across the city. Here’s a collection of the worst derailments and train crashes in NYC history, according to

04/29/2007: On April 29th, 2007 two track workers were struck by a Queens bound G train. One of them was killed by the train while the other was hospitalized.

06/21/2000: A B train derailed at Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn, and approximately 70 people were injured. The first three cars of the southbound train jumped the tracks requiring 70 feet of track to be replaced.

07/03/1997: 15 people were injured when a Queens-bound A train derailed under St. Nicholas Ave. in Harlem, as it was going over a switch. Mayor Giuliani reported: “It’s an absolute miracle no one was killed or seriously injured. What I saw was unbelievable. The last car as smashed in half, just ripped apart.”

08/22/1995: 18 people were injured when a 6 train bypassed a red signal and struck another train stopped at Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station, New York state investigators said.

06/05/1995: A major collision on the Williamsburg Bridge occurred when a motorman who was on his final run of an overnight shift, collided with another train resulting in 50 injuries. Investigators concluded the train ran a red signal at high speeds.

08/28/1991: Five people were killed and more than 200 injured when a train derailed just north of Union Square. The motorman, Robert Ray, who was drunk and going more than 40 mph where the speed limit was 10 mph, was later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison. It was the worst subway accident in 63 years.

(New York City Transit)

04/25/1986: A 54-year-old motorman suffered a heart attack causing the train he was operating to derail in a tunnel Jamaica, Queens. He was turning the train around on a relay track when he crashed into a wooden barrier at the end of the tunnel.

11/28/1962: A railroad crane toppled off a 40-foot-high IND elevated track onto a street in Coney Island, killing three men.

08/24/1928: A broken track switch caused a derailment in Times Square that killed 16, and injured 100.

11/2/1918: The deadliest subway event was the Malbone Street Wreck. More than 100 people were killed when an out-of-control driver took a tight curve at 30 miles per hour, when the recommended speed was only 6 miles per hour. The five-car subway train derailed and crushed passengers in their wooden train car.